By empowering better, more precise decision-making, our digital assistant improves the overall production stability, enhances efficiency and enables you to control the farm to suit your growth plan.

Our AI-based fish farm monitoring software works via an underwater camera. By keeping track of the whole tanks’ data, we guide you to achieve your optimal growth strategy while ensuring a healthier fish population.

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By using our system, you will:

Improve production
animal welfare
Reduce fish loss and
operational costs
Improve feeding
Increase demand-
supply management

The camera

We understand that every farm is unique: each fish species is different, farms have different water conditions and tank depths vary. Therefore, our infrared stereo camera can image any fish species in any water condition without visual flash, effectively reducing fish stress. Choose between two rod lengths for the underwater camera, either 1m or 1.5m, to suit your needs.

The device is equipped with several internal sensors that monitor the camera’s internal parts. This feature effectively reduces unforeseen maintenance issues.


The software

Use our cloud-based AI software to analyse the full data set in real time and receive comprehensible and easily digestible insights. Our software creates a digital twin of the tank and farm, helping you plan optimal growth strategies and improve fish welfare. 


Feature 1:
Automated Biomass estimation

Our AI analyses key points on the fish to measure and monitor the growth of the fish body parts (e.g. fish length, distance between fins, tail structures).

Receive automatic data and insights on fish weight, weight distribution and growth.


Feature 2:

Display live images from the different fish tanks.

  • pH sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Oxygen sensor

Add-on feature
Water Quality Sensors:

To better answer your farm’s needs and requirements, we can integrate one or several water quality parameter sensors to complement our system. These sensors enable us to collect holistic data from the fish tank and monitor past and real-time changes in water quality.

How does it work?


You install

We will provide full technical support to help you install our camera in under 30 minutes.


We train

Once set up, we adapt the AI software and establish the data model with respect to the growth of the farm’s fish population. This ensures maximum accuracy.


You use

Upon the completion of training, you will be able to use Monitorfish’s dashboard features:

Automated Biomass estimation to weigh fish, fish distribution and growth curve

FishTV: providing live underwater fish images from the fish tank

Still have questions?

Using the images and the software that Monitorfish provides, we can better follow the condition, behaviour and growth of the fish and intervene early if anything is wrong. This results in less fish losses and better quality fish due to minimal stress on the animals.
Guido Stendel-Heidbrock - F&M Anlagenbau GmbH

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