• Do you want to replace the fish farmer through AI?

    Our mission is to strengthen the farmers’ knowledge by giving them a better understanding of what´s really going on in their tanks so they can take faster and better decisions, resulting in less stress for the animals and more stability during production.

  • How do you handle turbid conditions?

    Our camera is equipped with an infrared lighting system which makes it possible to record images of the fish in turbid waters or at night without disturbing the animals. This also allows us to capture pictures of very sensitive species like pikeperch.

  • What kind of internet connection do I need to use the technology?

    A 500kbit/s connection is sufficient. This can be provided via landline or LTE.

  • Why does your system needs to be trained for my farm?

    Each farm has its own special water quality parameters and source for genetic heritage, so each fish population is different and will not grow as another one. By training our system to the individual conditions, we ensure that each farmer will get an accurate data quality which they can rely on 24/7.

  • Is the camera moveable from tank to tank?

    To ensure the optimal performance and a minimum in maintenance efforts for the farmer, we designed our camera to be mounted constantly in a fixed position within the tank.