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The global human population is growing and so is our demand for protein. Billions of people rely on fish for nutrition, but overfishing decimates wild fish stocks and endangers ocean ecosystems.

Sustainable fish farming is an answer to overfishing. However, while fish farms and aquaculture help provide a steady food supply, they also come with their own social, economic and environmental challenges. They are costly to set up and can be risky. When unmanaged, fish farming can negatively disrupt natural ecosystems. Fish welfare in aquaculture environments is also of increased concern for both the public and farmers, leading the latter to look for innovative ways to improve the wellbeing of their shoals.

Monitorfish was set up to help overcome the challenges associated with fish farming and to ensure smart and sustainable management.
It makes me happy to see our technology having a highly positive impact on the climate and people. We strive to continuously evolve our digital aquaculture assistant to offer the precise means to produce fish locally, sustainably and profitably in a stress-free manner. Thus, providing a chance to avoid overfishing, allowing our oceans the time it needs to thrive again!
Chaitanya Dhumasker, CEO of Monitorfish


Chaitanya Dhumasker
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