Monitorfish Offers
AI-Powered Fish Health

Based in Berlin, Germany, MonitorFish is a multicultural team of innovation-driven experts offering cognitive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in fish farming. We provide local fish farmers with a precise action plan in real-time to maintain the highest quantity and
quality of the fish. We focus on reducing the fish mortality in ponds
so that the farmers’ investments are secured.

Our Team

We bring in the skills and experiences in water technology, biotechnology, and computer science to achieve sustainable Aquaculture

Chaitanya Dhumasker


Dominik Ewald


Jan Apel


Maren Anastasiou


Ralf Fisch

Senior Fish Expert

Martin Ramm

Product Owner

Lisa-Johanna Arndt

Jr. Marketing Manager

Tobias Haug

Senior Sales Manager

Volker Edling

Data Scientist

Annika Kübler

Innovation Assistant


Klaus Würtenberger

Klaus Würtenberger has been managing partner of K & SW Consult and K & SW Invest GmbH (both Öhningen) since 2009. K & SW Consult advises the founders of high-tech companies from various industries (including eg Life Science & Health Care, Robotics, Telecommunications) throughout Germany on strategic and operational issues.

K & SW Consult accompanies the founders in the first three to five years after the founding of the company to build up a sustainable business model and to acquire the necessary funds.



Founding Year

Pre seed-investment


Seed investment by FTTF

Product Beta-version

Pilot trials


Market certified product

Available on full scale

Our Investor

FTTF  is a financing partner for young high-tech companies of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. As a strong entrepreneurial partner, FTTF offers financing for Fraunhofer start-ups in their pre-seed phase with up to EUR 250k, and in further funding rounds with additional investments of up to EUR 5m.

Moreover, the fund supports entrepreneurs with comprehensive founding experience and a broad network of investors in order to realize the full potential of their companies. FTTF is backed by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Our Partners

Knowledge partners


Smartfish ® UG is the fishing industry expert with user-oriented research & development in the field of sustainable aquafarm and its technologies. Over the years, they have been actively assisting the aqua farms, in case of accidents while studying all-important boundary parameters essential for sustainable fish culture.



Fraunhofer IGD is the international leading research institution for applied visual computing — image- and model-based information technology that combines computer graphics and computer vision. In simple terms, it is the ability to turn information into images and to extract information from images. All technological solutions by Fraunhofer IGD and its partners are based on visual computing.


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