A pleasant push to our Startup MonitorFish! A good feeling indeed, I am thankful to our CTO Dominik Ewald for being informed about Tandemcamp III. It is organized by Fraunhofer Ventures in Munich, where, amid snow, this time, it was MonitorFIsh, presenting their advanced food diagnostic tool: Optofish©( joint venture of Monitorfish and Fraunhofer IDG.)against 8 other teams. I must agree, we had good company of Helmut Toedtmann from Fraunhofer IGD. Special thanks to him and the entrie TechBridge team.

The Day…

It was an action-packed day wherein we prepared our roadmap and vision to be the leading company in marine animal welfare and sustainability.

At the Pitch completion

The day had to end with the pitch completion against strong competing teams. Yes! our dedication got us lucky to win the 10K Euros as award and opportunity to be the 1 amongst the 5 teams to continue to the next leg of Tandemcamp III.

Why not!

After a well-deserved success, it was time to celebrate our short victory 😉

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