MonitorFish invited for Taian Foreign Experts Conference – September 6th -8th, 2017

The conference

Taian is a city located in Shandong province, hosted an event that will brought together key local Chinese businesses and International foreign experts. As an emerging ecologically-friendly industrial city, Taian is rapidly emerging as a first-choice location in China for specific key industries.

This conference was attended by 100 foreign experts, 200 chinese companies and politicians from taian Municipal government, the National bureau of foreign affairs, The shangdong provincial Bureau of Human resources and Shangdong provincial bureau of foreign affairs.

We were invited to attend this event to take part in an exchange of culture, knowledge, technology and to network with the companies and politicians there.

The Journey

Dominik Ewald, our co-founder, who has been awed by Chinese history and culture,started his journey from Berlin on 5th Sept. After 14 hours, he reached Beijing airport where he was picked up in Porsche SUV along with a fellow expert from Paderborn, Germany. After reaching the hotel and a short tour in the city, he rested. The next day started with a networking breakfast with fellow experts where possibilities for collaboration and expansion were discussed.

This was followed by an express train trip to Taian where he met Peter and Britta. After arriving at Taian, all the 70 international experts were given a personal translator and accommodation.

The Event

The event started with a reception dinner with local delicacies and drinks. The actual conference started next day with opening talks given by political representatives of the region about ongoing and future projects. (Include name for traction). This was followed by each expert getting their own table in the exhibition area to present their products, knowledge and expertise. This helped initiate talks in with regards to long term co-operation in technology and knowledge transfer. It also gave an insight into the technology that the local companies produced or wanted to produce to make Taian an ecofriendly industrial city.

The following day was a conference with International experts, Chinese companies and politicians to table their knowledge and provide insights into funding programs and Business opportunities that each country had for the benefit of the International audience. The conference ended after lunch on this day.

Networking & Take aways

Dominik met with Peter and Britta along the journey to Taian. Peter is the President of the International Innovation Center and the Deputy President of Hankou University in Wuhan, China, but interestingly also a Professor in World Heritage Studies at the BTU Cottbus-Senfteberg where Dominik studied for his Bachelor and Master degree. Britta is an IT-expert from Hamburg, with her and Peter, Dominik had more insightful discussions about current and future projects in the agricultural sector.

During the dinner, he met Luca from Milan, where an interesting proposition of combining our project with an urban faming project of his funded by the Horizon 2020 was discussed.

Multiple talks were initiated with the local Chinese companies in which some were given expert advice and some could end up being potential partners.

Cultural Experience

Dominik has first read about China, its culture and history when he was 12 years old. Since then, he had been rearing to go and this opportunity through MonitorFish was immediately taken up. This trip turned out to be exciting as well as enriching. He came to experience the daily life in China, partake in their rich cuisine and even had an opportunity to go to a theatre play.

After the first day’s conference, all the experts and local dignitaries attended a theatre play and went out for dinner. The play was about an Old Chinese story featuring an emperor. Dominik, being an ardent follower of cultures and history, recalls how interesting and entertaining it was.

This trip proved to be very fruitful in the cooperation talks initiated, gaining exposure and experiencing the cultural depth of the old land that China is.


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